Unannounced 6.2GHz Intel monster CPU spotted in pre-built rigs

Intel Core i9 14900K CPU on a box and inside a motherboard socket.
(Image credit: Future)

If Intel's feeble 6GHz Intel Core i9-14900K Raptor Lake refresh CPU ain't doin' it for you, don't panic. A new and as yet unannounced variant, running at an all important 200MHz faster, has been spotted. Give it up for the Core i9 14900KS, that critical "S" indicating that this is a 6.2GHz chip.

At least, that's what's been spotted on Israeli rig builder PCOnline's website. In fact, the 14900KS-powered machines are still there as we write these words

Of course this is by no means an official launch from Intel. But it looks plausible, with the chip described as offering the correct 36MB of cache, fully entered into PCOnline's ecommerce system and thus available across a wide range of configurations. At the very least, it does not look like a typo. Somebody at PCOnline definitely thinks there's such a thing as the 6.2GHz 14900KS.

For the record, and if you are wondering, a fairly bare bones rig with the 14900KS, 16GB of RAM, not discrete GPU and a 512GB SSD comes in at a price that translates into $1,214. The same box with a plain old Core i9 14900K is $1,051. The absolute pricing may not be hugely relevant, but the $163 premium for the new 6.2GHz chip is in line with the extra Intel charges for the "S" version of the OG Raptor Lake family.

For context, the Core i9 13900K from the outgoing 13th Gen family is currently yours for about $550 while the 13900KS goes for just under $700. With the latest 14900K retailing at around $590, currently, that would put the 14900KS at a likely $750 at retail, or perhaps a whisker lower.

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It's a lot of money for an extra 200MHz to be sure. Most of the time, there's zero chance you're going to subjectively feel what is, at best, a 3% increase in clockspeed. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for an Intel i9 desktop CPU with the absolute best possible overclocking headroom, well, the new Core i9 14900KS—if it is indeed a thing—will likely come from the very top testing bin and achieve the best clock speeds of any and all variants.

With a PC builder apparently leaking the 14900KS, we suspect if this is all for real, Intel will go live with the CPU fairly soon. If they're feeding PC builders with info on the chip, it's probably imminent. And this leak might just force Intel's hand to make it more imminent still. Watch this space.

Jeremy Laird
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