Ultimate General: Gettysburg announced - an RTS from the creator of Total War's DarthMod

I get a cold shiver whenever I hear the word Gettysburg, and not for historical reasons. But the sins of other games are no reason to damn Ultimate General: Gettysburg . It's an RTS being made by the creator of Total War's DarthMod - a series of mods that improved the AI and upped the battle realism for many of Creative Assembly's strategy games.

"There were things that I could not deliver to players as a modder," writes creator Nick Thomadis . "That is why I decided to develop my own strategy game..." His plans include AI which is more autonomous, reducing the need for micromanagement, dynamic progress in which past performance can affect your future battles, and "one of the most complex morale systems ever created."

Thomadis also wants Ultimate General to balance advanced strategic systems with an accessible control system. "You should not require a tutorial or a big manual to play the game but you will be able to understand progressively how the "inside" complex mechanics work."

Accessibility aside, Ultimate General is targeting historical authenticity. The map will cover Gettysburg's most important locations, and the game feature accurate data on the units, people and places surrounding the conflict. Thomadis calls Gettysburg a "first step" in the life of the series, with other settings and time periods planned if it's successful.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is planned for PC and tablets. You can find more on the game over at the official site .

Phil Savage

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