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Valve have announced the Dota 2 Shanghai Major


Right as the grand finals of the Frankfurt Major are about to start, Valve have announced the details for the next premier Dota 2 tournament. The Shanghai Major will take place from March 2-6 in the Mercedes Benz Arena in, you guessed it, Shanghai, China.

No details on the prize pool yet, but it’d be sensible to assume $3m: exactly like the Frankfurt tournament. Teams will have a while to change their rosters in the interim between the two Majors.

It’s likely that this will replace the Dota Asia Championship. DAC was one of the original inspirations for the Major programme, and it’d make sense for Valve to treat this as the defacto championship for the region. Given that Chinese Dota has suffered in Frankfurt, we’ll have to wait and see whether the scene can bounce back on home territory.

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