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Tribes: Ascend "Raid & Pillage" update revealed, going live tomorrow

tribes griever skin

The Raider class is next in line to receive more buyable and/or unlockable gear in Tribes: Ascend. That'll include two new skins, the Plasma Gun, Cluster Grenade, and a slower-firing-but-more-painful SMG variant called the NJ5-B.

Pricing for the new content is unannounced. Jump inside for a video showcase of the new stuff.

I loved the Plasma Gun in Starsiege: Tribes; I like that Hi-Rez has retained the look of the weapon here, and (from what I can hear in the video) the static-y fizzle you hear when it's fired.

Depending on how popular it becomes, a splash damage weapon with a higher firing rate than a Spinfusor or Bolt Launcher could shake up the current combat balance pretty well. The Cluster Grenade seems like it'll reinforce the Raider's role of generator room-clearing. Raiders—will you buy this stuff?

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