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Team Meat tease Mew-Genics info; say hello to the creepy Mr Tinkles

Meow's about a bit of Team Meat news to perk up your Monday afternoon? The Super Meat Boy/Binding of Isaac devs have revealed two new images of their randomly generated cat game Mew-Genics - and they threaten to reveal more every...'Caturday'...until we meet their demands. Said demands include a bundle of wool, a scrunched up ball of tin foil, and all the world's herring. That or it's a #screenshotsaturday type deal and they were going to post them online anyway.

Those first two images include the cute/worrying Mr. Tinkles (seen above), and a scientist by the name of Dr. Beanies. Both featured as silhouettes in the game's first teaser image, and Team Meat seem poised to reveal more next week. As for who they are or what they're doing with a bunch of cats, we have meow idea. No idea. OK, so that one didn't work.