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Remember Hocus Pocus? It's back in Doom form

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Hocus Pocus was a 1994 side-scrolling platformer published by 3D Realms in glorious 256-color VGA. You played a wizard's apprentice with some magic spells and a steady supply of rapid-fire potions.

For the last five years or so modder Ravage has been working on a total conversion for Doom 2 that transforms it into first-person Hocus Pocus. Shoot magic at scorpions and bats, shout "Yahoo!" in the original game's Mario-esque voice, and collect crystals while circle-strafing at Doom-speed. As the ever-vigilant Dominic Tarason points out on Twitter, "the hidden levels are recreations of other shareware-era games."

You can download Hocus Pocus Doom by heading to the ZDoom forums. Make sure you've got the latest stable version of GzDoom.

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