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Jump pads are appearing in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Battle Pass for Season 1 hasn't shown up yet, but Respawn appears to have jumped the gun with a small piece of its content. Jump pads—expected to be the ultimate ability of the new hero Octane—are starting to pop up in current games.

Image via Reddit user Sorry_IAMA_Canadian

Image via Reddit user Sorry_IAMA_Canadian

The jump pad seems to be appearing around Market, a loot-heavy area in the middle of the map that's prone to early firefights. I wasn't able to locate a pad myself, but there are numerous images and videos on the Apex subreddit documenting the jump pads in-game. Adding further credence, Respawn devs have responded to several of these Reddit posts with smirking or inquisitive emoji. Octane may not be playable yet, but Respawn seems to be adding his pads around the map as easter eggs.

Here's a video of the jump pad in action.