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IndieGala bundle defies its own name - includes Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 best games

Traditionally, the IndieGala bundle has focused on some of the lesser known indies, especially when compared to the more famous games that headline the Humble Indie Bundles. That's not quite the case this time around. Sure, you can debate the definition of what does and doesn't constitute an indie studio, but I think everyone would agree that Bioware are well outside of that label. Odd then, that Mass Effect 2 is a beat-the-average reward for the Gala's latest collection.

And it gets weirder. Rather than the bundle-standard charity recipients, proceeds for this round are being shared between Launch Academy - a Vancouver-based startup "incubator" - and the campaign of Matt Toner, the New Democratic Party candidate for Vancouver-False Creek in the upcoming election for the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.

It all centres around Vancouver - and an effort to support the city's gaming industry. Which almost explains the Mass Effect 2 connection. Bioware may be based in Edmonton, but they did include Vancouver in the trilogy through a multiplayer map. That was Mass Effect 3 though.

It's a strange situation - especially when it's directly funding a politician. Admittedly, he's running on a campaign that centres around the rejuvenation of Vancouver's gaming and tech industries, but that's a single issue out of many, with little indication given by Toner as to where he stands with regards to other debates.

Still, if you're unconcerned with the potentially troubling aspects of the bundle, and just want some cheap games, you can get Mass Effect 2, Shank 2, Shadowgrounds, Kill Fun Yeah, Zombie Driver HD and Gimbal for $5.82 or more . More games are due to be added in the bundle's second week.

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