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Guild Wars 2 Beta: Charr, Norn, and Human cinematics

Charr cinematic

In the same tradition as the first Guild Wars, ArenaNet's ensuring that every storyline in GW2 feels suitably unique and grandiose. As you saw in our character creation videos, your customization options aren't limited to visual appearance tweaks—you'll also determine your origin story and personality traits. The choices even affect your introductory cinematic, as you give an account of your past triumphs and present aspirations. In Guild Wars 2, one thing is for certain: this is your story.

The character creation choices (which you can watch in action here ) for these heroes are as follows:

  • Charr: Spangenhelm, Dignity, Iron Legion, Reeva, Loyal Soldier

  • Norn: Anonymity, Ferocity, Strength, Lost an Heirloom, Wolf

  • Human: Eagle-eye goggles, Dignity, Nobility, Missed Opportunity, Grenth

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Norn cinematic

Human cinematic

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