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Fall Guys season 2 begins next week

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys' inaugural season is coming to a close, and it's been a good 'un. The massive player numbers that we saw around launch have settled down a bit, but the clumsy beans have stolen the internet's cold, black heart and probably poured lots of sprinkles over it. Tasty! 

As you bid farewell to the season, don't fret, as Fall Guys season 2 is primed and ready to take its place. It's got a medieval theme, with all the historical accuracy you'd want from a game about sentient beans falling all over the place. Wizards, witches, dragons—it's got the lot. 

Season 2 is arriving on October 8, and with it comes new rounds, more customisation options, way more Crowns given out as progress rewards, lots and lots of costumes, and 'party falling', which might solve one of my biggest issues with the game: falling first and being stuck waiting for my pals to finish. 

On October 5, Fall Guys will start throwing fame at you. With double fame, you should have an easier time hitting the max level of 40 before the first season ends, and you'll be able to make the attempt all the way up to the start of season 2. I'm quite far off that target myself, so I guess I'll be busy next week. 

Fraser Brown
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