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Exclusive: Three new cards from the Shadowverse: Chronogenesis expansion

Card games that aren't named Hearthstone tend not to get nearly as much coverage as those that are, but there's a lot of exciting stuff going on in the digital CCG scene. The free-to-play Shadowverse is one of the leading alternatives to Blizzard's licence to print money: It's similar enough to Hearthstone that it shouldn't be scary for fans, but nonetheless has enough of its own (boisterous, anime-flavored) identity to stand out.

A new expansion called Chronogenesis is on the way that will add a new Portalcraft class and introduce limited rotations, which allows only cards from the five most recent sets, and unlimited, in which all the cards are playable. (Essentially a lot like Standard and Wild in Hearthstone). Of course there will be a bunch of new cards added too, and we've got three of them to reveal for you right here. 

First up is Lancer of the Tempest, a 3 Play Point card with an "Enhance" ability that deals two damage to all enemy followers if it's held back for 7 Play Points. This could make it very useful for Swordcraft players who haven't always had the best board-clearing abilities at their disposal. (The second card is the evolved form.)

Class: Swordcraft
Card type: Follower
Rarity: Gold
Trait: Commander

Unevolved -  Rush.  Fanfare: Enhance (7): Whenever this follower attacks, deal 2 damage to all enemy followers.  

Evolved -  Rush. 

Next is Leaf Man, a "regular weenie follower" as developer Cygames put it, but who also gains a big boost through Enhance: Waiting to play it for 5 Play Points will grant a buff to all your other followers, a feature that's of particular use in aggro Forestcraft decks that are apparently big in the current meta. 

Class: Forestcraft
Card type: Follower
Rarity: Bronze
Trait: None

Unevolved -  Fanfare: Enhance (5): Give all allied followers +1/+0. Those followers can't be damaged by spells and effects. These effects last until the end of your opponent's turn. 


And finally, we have Cursed Scarecrow, a Bloodcraft follower who can't attack the enemy leader, but whose impressive stats make it very useful for knocking out other enemy heavyweights.

Class: Bloodcraft
Card type: Follower
Rarity: Bronze
Trait: None

Unevolved -  Can't attack the enemy leader. 

Evolved -  Still can't attack the enemy leader. 

Shadowverse: Chronogenesis will add 138 new cards to the game in total, plus three new leader cards, the Resonance keyword effect, and the Artifact trait. More information, including a list of all the previously-revealed new cards, is up at