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Company of Heroes 2: Case Blue DLC released, adds new scenarios for Theatre of War

Even now, from the comfort of 2013, it seems callous to make pithy comments about World War 2. Maybe I should play it safe by sticking rigidly to the facts. Fact 1: Germany was one of the founding members of World War 2. Fact 2: Some would say that they played such a key role, that the war disbanded soon after they left in 1945. Fact 3: They are the focus of Company of Heroes 2: Case Blue, a DLC pack for the Theatre of War mode.

Set in June 1942, Case Blue is a series of challenges and scenarios that follow the titular offensive on the Caucasus region. The DLC pack offers one co-op scenario, two singleplayer challenges, and two AI battles - set on the two maps that were yesterday added as part of a free update to the game.

Case Blue is free to pre-orderers and Collectors Edition owners. For everybody else, it is now available for £7/$10.

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