Call of Duty: Black Ops II's Revolution spreads to PC

It may not quite be the "Revolution" CoD's critics would like, but Blops 2's latest DLC pack seems to be at least a minor skirmish in the war for interesting additions to established games. Sure, it's just a few additional maps, but, er, one of them's in a skate park? And there's a gun, I guess.

Okay, so the Revolution DLC is pretty much business as usual. But it's a business that seems to work, and those interested can now find the latest map-pack on PC. A trailer runs through the various contents it brings, backed by AC/DC's Back In Black. No, I'm not sure why either.

Revolution is available on Steam for £11.49. You can also buy a Season Pass for £34.99, containing Revolution, along with three upcoming DLC packs as they're released (months after the 360 version).

For more details, check out Michael Gapper's complete run-down of everything to be found in Revolution.