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Battlefield 4 'Levolution' trailer continues murder of the English language, looks fab

Levolution, much like Bifidus Digestivum, is a term which means different things to different people. For instance, to me it means '*vomits entire guts out*', while DICE interpret it as meaning 'Battlefield 4 features more dynamic multiplayer maps'. Language is brilliant like that. DICE demonstrate this increased dynamism in the game's latest trailer, which shows a player manipulating car alarms, light switches and doors to get the edge/lose the edge in battle. It's nifty stuff. But that's nothing compared to the "massive game-changing events" like, um, flooding the whole bally map.

Cor. I particuarly like the thought of boulders rolling around the map, Super Monkey Ball-style. Stick around to the end for a glimpse of BF4's China Rising expansion too, which was announced along with the game's Premium features the other day .

Viva levolution.

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