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An official Fallout 4 Loot Crate is coming

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Do you like loot? Do you like Fallout 4? Do you like crates? That last one isn't really relevant to the matter at hand, but if you answered "yes to the first two questions then you might want to check out what the Loot Crate folks are up to.

To be clear about it, this is not a sponsored post or anything like that. But with the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition all sold out, (and no more on the way), we figured that an opportunity to score some different Fallout swag might be relevant to some of your interests. Of course, exactly what kind of swag will remain a mystery until it shows up at your door: Such is the way of the Loot Crate. "Huh, turns out it's full of radroaches!"

The Fallout 4 Loot Crate is being created in conjunction with Bethesda, so it'll be official gear. Hopefully that gives it pretty good odds of being cool, too. If you're interested, you may put your name in the hat at to be notified when it's ready for order, and you may speculate about what will be in the box in the comments below.

Update: Bethesda has clarified that the Fallout 4 package will not be part of the regular monthly Loot Crate offering. "It's a separate special edition," Bethesda's European PR chief Alistair Hatch tweeted, meaning that even if you're a subscriber, you'll have to get in line with everybody else if you want one.