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Ubisoft has delisted Might and Magic 10 while it fixes the game's DRM issues

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(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Back in April, Ubisoft announced that servers for Might and Magic X: Legacy would go offline. But with that shutdown disabling the game's strict DRM support, the 2014 RPG was left completely unplayable—with Ubisoft now deciding to delist it from Steam entirely.

Following the shutdown on June 1st, Might and Magic players found they weren't just locked out of the game's DLC—they were unable to progress past Act 1 entirely. Even so, Ubisoft was still selling both the game and paid extras, leading to massive backlash on the Steam forums and overwhelmingly negative reviews.

At the time, a Ubisoft spokesperson told us that the publisher was "aware and investigating the reported issues". Unfortunately, the resolution appears to be pulling the game from Steam entirely, with the listing now noting that the game is unavailable for purchase at the publisher's request.

That does, thankfully, mean nobody else will be picking up the broken RPG anytime soon. But it's little consolation to existing Might and Magic players, who are now left with a broken game that they may never play again.

In an updated statement, a Ubisoft spokesperson reiterated that it's working on fixes for Might & Magic X, and explained its decision to remove the game from sale.

"We are constantly assessing what’s needed to deliver the best possible experience for our players. On June 1st, we shut down various services for several legacy games on PC, including for Might & Magic X – Legacy, as they could no longer meet our security standards. 

"During that process, we unfortunately encountered an unexpected issue with this title, preventing new and returning players to access the game and its DLCs. We are currently investigating all available options and will keep players informed as we can share more. In the meantime, we made the decision to remove Might & Magic X – Legacy from sale until further notice."

This story has been updated with comment from Ubisoft. 

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