Turn-based strategy FPS Lemnis Gate is letting operatives trial its time-bending matches in a July beta

Two operatives shoot towards a bubble shield being protected by an opponent.
(Image credit: Frontier Foundry)

If you don't think half a minute is enough time to outmaneuver an opposing team of tactical operatives, you haven't heard about Lemnis Gate: the strategic shooter taking place in a 25-second time-loop. Lemnis Gate is the 4D chess version of an FPS, requiring tactical thinking over and above the moment-to-moment shooting. You'll construct cunning strategies by layering in another operative on your team in each live turn through the time-loop. It's a lot to wrap your head around, but even if you don't figure it out in the first 25 seconds, don't worry. You've still got several more turns to learn.

You'll play in one on one or two on two matches, trading off across five turns with your opponents to master the 25 second time-loop and prevent catastrophe. Lemnis Gate takes you to several maps to tackle four different game modes: prevailing in kill-based Deathmatch, collecting and returning exotic matter to your own gate in Retrieve XM, capturing zones in Domination, or destroying your opponents' resistors in Seek & Destroy.

Pre-Order Discount

You can preorder Lemnis Gate now on Steam and the Microsoft Store for a 20% discount and an exclusive Mettle Mantis operative and weapon skin for KARL.

It may initially feel like a familiar shooter, but as the layers of Lemnis Gate's time loop stack up, a real tactical master will be able to keep track of the moves they've made in the past loops while they plan the one they'll make in the future. Throughout each of your five turns, you'll continue playing alongside the operatives you've used in prior turns, capitalising on a past protective shield or preventing a headshot that stopped your plans short.

Even death doesn't stop your plans in Lemnis Gate, though. If you're killed during one round, you'll continue your turn in ghost mode. That means if you play your cards right, you may just be able to save your past self, so they can carry on with your plans from that turn. Unless your opponent then uses their next turn to prevent your most recent operative from rescuing your past operative, that is. Choosing when to save your other operatives and when to let them serve as distractions are all part of the calculations you'll be making in every match of Lemnis Gate.

There's more than just that time loop to learn, though. Lemnis Gate's seven operatives each have their own abilities to help you plan tactical traps for your opponents. Striker the sniper, for instance, can temporarily slow time with his Ripple ability to line up the perfect shot. Vendetta, on the other hand, has a scatter gun for taking down enemies at close range, but her deployable turrets are where you'll get tactical. They'll target the nearest enemy automatically, but should you be laying them down in a position to counter your opponent's past self, or attempting to predict where they'll be two turns from now? Robot operative KARL, meanwhile, can use protective bubble shields to set up protected areas across multiple turns. As they stack on top of each other across your five turns, Lemnis Gate becomes a web of implications, challenging you to do more than just aim well. You'll have to outsmart your opponents if you even want a chance of out-shooting them.

Lemnis Gate - Operative Toxin carries her Tox Cannon across a bridge while another operative shoots behind her.

(Image credit: Frontier Foundry)

If you want another tactical advantage, Frontier Foundry and Ratloop Games Canada are hosting a beta on PC via Steam from July 22 through July 26. During the free beta you'll be able to develop some early strategies by playing the Retrieve XM game mode on the Quarry and Tectonic Wells maps and Domination on The Arbor and Chimera. You'll have access to all seven of Lemnis Gate's operatives, and can even earn beta-exclusive operative and weapon skins for each one. With a bit of early practice, you may just be able to get a head start mastering its mind and time-bending firefights. You'll be able to earn a Steam key to play in the beta via Twitch Drops or by keeping an eye on the Lemnis Gate Twitter and Discord server. 

You can preorder Lemnis Gate now on Steam and the Microsoft Store for a 20% discount and an exclusive Mettle Mantis operative and weapon skin for KARL. Lemnis Gate launches on September 28th, which is when your tactical shooter talents will really be put through their paces.