Totally Game: This Overwatch master plays exclusively with his feet

Tucker Griggs is a Master rank Overwatch player and Twitch streamer. He also exclusively plays the game with his feet. You can learn more about his impressive talents in the latest episode of Totally Game, Future's documentary series, above. 

Griggs has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita and was born without muscles in his arms, so he's had to learn to do everything using his feet. "I use my feet for everything I do, whether it's cooking, cleaning or playing video games," he says. 

In Overwatch, he's as fast as anyone using their hands, as evidenced by his status as one of the elites. He's also defeated a Grandmaster. Specially designed controllers have opened the doors to a lot of players for whom games like Overwatch might have once been entirely inaccessible, but Griggs still uses a mouse and keyboard.

"I prefer to play the same way as everybody else," he says. Thanks to practise and physical therapy, he's able to use his right foot for aiming and firing, while his left foot and toes control movement.

He's been playing Overwatch for more than three years, but when he was younger games also proved to be an equaliser. "Learning to play videogames levelled the playing field," says his mum, Traci. "Some of his friends played baseball, some of his friends played football, but when they came to the house they could all play videogames."

Griggs streams four to five times a week, and you can catch him over on his Twitch channel FragsByTheFoot.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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