Totally Game: Check out the world's largest videogame memorabilia collection

This week's episode of Totally Game, Future's documentary series, explores the world's largest videogame memorabilia collection with its curator, Brett Martin.

Martin started his collection when he was rooting around in eBay in the '90s looking for figures he'd started to collect. From there, he amassed more and more videogame-themed memorabilia, eventually expanding into other auction sites to get his fix.

His collection has ended up pretty diverse, including oddities like a Mario shower head for a power shower. "It's Mario and Luigi holding up what looks like a pipe," he says, "but it's just one of the weirdest items that I have—who thought of that?"

Collecting this much is pricey, though Martin has put a limit on what he allows himself to spend on single items. "I really try to keep my budget to under $500 an item," he says. "Some of the statues were around $800 but I don't really like to pay over $500 for anything."

Martin also shows off his collection on his YouTube channel, where he does unboxing videos and reveals his latest hauls. His last video was on very rare Kirby plushies.

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