Total War: Warhammer - Realm of the Wood Elves DLC is now available [Updated]

Update: Realm of the Wood Elves is now live on Steam. The update includes the new race-specific currency Amber, the addition of a Wonder-based victory condition, a pair of new playable Legendary Lords (Orion and Durthu), an additional campaign map with the unique ‘Season of Revelations’ Wood Elves story campaign, two new Lord and three new Hero types, and new monsters, heroes, and magic.   

Sega has also released, free for all players, two new Heroes, the Grey Wizard and the Jade Wizard, and their corresponding Lore of Shadows and Lore of Life. Owners of the Call of the Beastmen DLC will also be given a new Legendary Lord, Morghur the Shadowgave, and the new Harpies flying unit. 

Check out the new faction in action in the gameplay trailer below. 

Original story:

Total War: Warhammer is set to launch its "biggest DLC to date" tomorrow—The Realm of the Wood Elves. With it, the Glade Lords of Athel Loren are set to make their debut; with the higher ranked among them riding "rare and noble" Forest Dragons. 

As the leaders and guardians of the Asrai, the Glade Lords' top priority is keeping their woodland homes free of intruders—a historic process which has seen the highborn faction become adept in both archery and melee combat. As such, they leverage two combat skill trees and two Battle trees, which augment their armies into melee and ranged pathways. Unlockable mounts for this race include the Elven Steed, the Great Eagle and the Forest Dragon. 

The following video sees developer The Creative Assembly examine the Glade Lords and their coveted steeds in greater detail. Listen out for the Forest Dragon's ear-piercing roar towards the trailer's end. 

Total War: Warhammer's Realm of the Wood Elves DLC is due to launch tomorrow,  December 8. Here's another glimpse at CA's recent let's play for a closer look at the expansion's campaign: