Total War: Warhammer launch trailer touts devastation in 360 degrees

Total War: Warhammer is heralding its launch with a 360-degree trailer, allowing you to pan or peer your way around its battlefields.

If you're a Google Cardboard owner, fire up the YouTube app, navigate to the trailer, hit VR mode and drop your phone in the box. You'll be able to look this way and that, ducking embarrassingly as undead dragons swoop down at you.

On mobile, you can simply hold your phone up and move it around to pan. Not really one for public transport or government buildings, that.

Traditional mouse-users should click and drag to look around the battlefield.

Panoramic trailers make an enormous amount of sense for videogames. They're not much good if you want to choreograph action sequences à la Call of Duty, but marvellous for conveying a sense of what the game world feels like. You do have to jack it all the way up to 4K playback for acceptable clarity, however.

Total War: Warhammer goes live at 8:00am BST tomorrow, May 24.