Total War: Attila interview

Creative Assembly has just announced Total War: Attila, the next game in their long-running strategy series. It's a new game, based on the final years of the Roman Empire. Expect political baggage, invading barbarians and a desperate cling to land and power.

Also expect Attila the Hun. It's not yet known if Attila will be playable, but he will be an antagonistic presence. His rise is charted through the game—eventually leading to an apocalyptic invasion against the Western world. I went to Creative Assembly to see Attila in action, and talked to lead designer Janos Gaspar.

Highlights of Attila's feature list—in addition to the inevitable and unstoppable sweep of the Huns—include a returning family tree system, disease management, improved sieges and battle-phase barricades. It's a big ol' list of new stuff, sat on top of an engine only marginally improved from Rome 2.

For more on Attila, see my first look (and hands-on) impressions. Total War: Attila is due out early next year. See below for the official announcement trailer.

Phil Savage

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