Tiny Tina's Wonderlands info drop includes a place called Butt Stallion's Castle

If Borderlands 3 was too restrained and sober for you, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands looks how a 12-hour soda pop binge feels. Gearbox released a bunch of new information on the fantasy-tinged take on Borderlands today, and as you'd expect, it's a lot.

Most charming is that the open world is navigated via a tabletop RPG style overworld, which was originally noted back in September. Previous Borderlands open worlds have always been zoned in a way similar to MMOs, but Tiny Tina's approach looks like a more fun and stylish way to move between the various locales. This is what it looks like: 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands overworld

(Image credit: Gearbox)

Two new classes were also explained. The Stabbomancer is pretty self-explanatory: They're "critical-hit-focused assassins who summon magic whirling blades to the battlefield and disappear into the shadows at will." Stealth hasn't always (or has never been) the best way to approach a Borderlands game, so this sounds like a neat new opportunity.

All six classes can be hybridised though, so you could feasibly mix the Stabbomancer with, say, the Brr-Zerker, which is the other class revealed today. They're basically the opposite: Brutal, unsubtle melee combat is the name of the game, helped along by the fact that their fists are "frost-infused." 

Don't worry, there are guns, but you'll have the aforementioned melee and spellcasting, too. The latter are all cooldown-controlled spells that range from simple offensive attacks through to other effects, like shielding, or healing.

Gearbox also listed four of the environments you'll explore in Tiny Tina's. Brighthoof is the castle-themed capital city of Wonderlands. This larger world is itself home to Butt Stallion Castle (a castle belonging to Butt Stallion, you know), while Sunfang Oasis is a paradisiacal, leafy retreat in the middle of a blazing desert. Tangledrift is an airborne kingdom suspended on giant beanstalks. All are dangerous of course, this being a violent shooter.

You can read Gearbox's full spiel here. The Tiny Tina's Wonderlands release date is March 25. 

Shaun Prescott

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