This official Elder Scrolls cookbook will teach you to bake the perfect sweetroll

A cheesy Sunlight Souffle for starters, apple and cabbage stew for main course, and sweetrolls for dessert. It's a meal fit for the Dragonborn—and, thanks to a new cookbook, you'll soon be able to whip up these Elder Scrolls classics in real life.

The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook is coming out in March, and it's written by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel. She's created numerous video game food books including the official World of Warcraft cookbook—Rebekah sampled all of its 100 recipes here.

The new book will have more than 60 recipes from across Tamriel, including traditional dishes of the Nords, Bosmer and Khajit. From the looks of the Amazon listing, you can expect lots of mouth-watering images alongside the recipes, as well as a sprinkling of culinary Elder Scrolls lore. You can see the recipe for Saltrice Porridge, a Dunmer dish, at the top of this post.

The book is listed at $35/£27.72 but it's currently just $16.39 to pre-order on Amazon US. The UK discount is more humble, and pre-orders cost a shade under £25 .

Which Tamriel favourites would you like to see in the book?

Thanks, Destructoid.

Samuel Horti

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