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This mod lets you swap Geralt's other romance partners for Yennefer

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In The Witcher 3 and its expansions, Geralt has the option of dancing the horizontal tango with several different ladies. For readers of the original books, however, there's only one option for Geralt and that's his canonical love, Yennefer. Previously you could simply avoid getting medieval jiggy with other women by not choosing the flirty dialogue, but now there's a mod that will let you watch all those sex scenes—yes, even the one where you bang while flying in a cloud—but with Yennefer instead of Triss, Shani, Keira, Syanna, someone named Jutta I don't think I even met in my playthrough and a Sasha I definitely did not meet because that questline involves a Gwent tournament and to hell with that. 

Dammit, Geralt, just keep it in your pants for five minutes.

This mod was originally created for a YouTube livestream, which is why Yennefer keeps her underwear on in all the scenes. As modder Julia Barcelos explains, "we all know how much YouTube hates nipples lol". You can download swap main romances to Yennefer (opens in new tab) from Nexus Mods.

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