This E-WIN Flash XL gaming chair is only $274 today


E-WIN is discounting its Flash XL Series gaming chair on Newegg today, offering it at $279. The Newegg listing says it's discounted from $700, though from what I can tell it usually retails closer to the $500 mark. Either way, it's a hefty discount on a larger gaming chair, if you're a bigger person like me who feels permanently uncomfortable on tiny chairs. 

E-WIN Flash XL Series | $274 (61% off)
The Flash XL Series is so big it's more of a throne, but that extra size means it's extra comfortable and highly adjustable. Buy it at Newegg.

This sale ends in 15 hours, so if you want to take advantage of the price drop, go right ahead before it's over. While Black Friday has ended, and we may mourn it, no one can stop the onslaught that is Cyber Monday. We'll be here in the run up to the event, dropping in new deals, and on the day itself we'll be there to guide you through the best PC gaming discounts. 

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