This AI-made pizza ad is truly messed up

Thanks to AI-generated content the internet sure has been showing me some weird stuff lately. That includes the obvious things like images with far too many fingers and teeth, but also uncanny valley horrors like the recurring face of Loab. This time, AI has delivered us a pizza commercial that might just be more terrifying and hilarious than anything Loab could offer.

Tom's Hardware spotted the video on Pizza Later's YouTube showcasing this wonderful effort in AI. The video is an absolutel smorgasbord of uncanny treats as it advertises the hippest new pizza place around: Pepperoni Hug Spot. I don't want to ruin the experience too much, but get ready to see people eat pizza in a totally normal and cool way.

Over on Twitter, Pizza Later explains a little about the process behind creating this new internet classic. The whole process took about three hours, and everything was created by various AIs. 

The script was taken care of by ChatGPT while Midjourney created the still images. Video clips were put together by Runway while the voiceover was taken care of by Eleven Labs with music by Soundraw AI Music. All these little modern miracles were then brought into After Effects and put together by a human. 

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Even though it's an absolute horrorshow of a concoction, it's a pretty cool end product for three hours of work. A whole commercial in that amount of time is fairly impressive, even if the end result is messed up. Depicting people eating food is something we've seen AI be terrible at over and over again, so it's a smart slam-dunk for a weird stuff generator. I'd wager it's far from the last of these kinds of projects we'll see.

Plus, as bad as it is, it's also really not that bad? Given this was only three hours of one person's time it doesn't seem a stretch that something less batshit could be made with the tools. Actual commercials created with AI could be just over the horizon. Especially as more tools like this upcoming video prompt AI become available.

If you haven't had your fill of Pepperoni Hug Spot, it now has an official website where you can watch the video to your heart's content, follow the various social media channels, and even buy some pizza-themed merch. The website also looks like it was mostly made by AI so "Come, laugh, and enjoy mouth party with family and friends."

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