Third-party sellers are hawking unreleased Coffee Lake CPUs on Newegg (Updated)

Update on 2/16/2018: The items have been delisted from Newegg's marketplace and are no longer available. Original story below.

Intel is apparently getting ready to release new 8th generation Core desktop processors (otherwise known as Coffee Lake) into the wild, and if you just can't wait for an official launch, there are vendors that will happily sell you one of the new chips. Four of the new chips are available right now on Newegg.

Two of the listings are for new Core i5 processors, including the Core i5-8500 (BX80684I58500) priced at $217 and Core i5-8600 (BX80684I58600) priced at $240, both through third-party sellers using Newegg as a marketplace.

The other two processors are Celeron chips, also based on Coffee Lake. They include the Celeron G4920 (BX8068G4920) priced at $61 and Celeron G4900 (BX80684G4900) priced at $52.

None of the listings include any detailed specifications, or anything other than the model name and asking price. Based on rumored specifications from around the web, the Core i5-8500 and Core i5-8600 are both 6-core/6-thread processors clocked at 3GHz and 3.1GHz respectively. As for the Celeron G4900 and Celeron G4920, they're said to be 2-core/-2-core processors, the former running at 3.1GHz and the latter at 3.2GHz. Take these specs with a grain of salt, of course.

We also don't know what official price points these processors will launch at. While third-party sellers are offering them up right now, it's probably a better idea to wait, as it's unlikely they're coming in at or below MSRP.

Paul Lilly

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