Thieves hijack truckload of Modern Warfare 3

Mystery film

I'm still expecting someone to reveal this is an elaborate viral marketing stunt, but Eurogamer points out that Agence France Presse have got the story, so apparently it's true: over the weekend in France, a pair of criminals ambushed and hijacked a van carrying 6,000 copies of Modern Warfare 3.

The van stopped when it was involved in an accident with a car (presumably staged by the thieves). The drivers stepped out of the van, at which point two men attacked them with tear gas before getting into the van and driving away with 400,000 euros worth of on-rails shooter and popular multiplayer.

According to the AFP report , a second robbery happened on Saturday, when three armed bandits hijacked another van's worth of games, and the total loss at this point is over 780,000 euros, and another win for French surrealism.

Now, who knows what film that picture is from? No prizes. Just placement at the head of the class.