The Talos Principle traps pirates in an elevator

Talos - Lasers

There was a time when those naughty pirates were dealt with via aggressive pursuance - it's not so much like that these days, as games like the Talos Principle show.

As complained about on the Steam forums, players using an illegally-obtained version of Talos end up stuck in an elevator until they either break down in tears and turn the game off, or... just turn the game off.

With each elevator leading from the main facility into the game's three hub areas, you have to use them to progress - or backtrack. Meaning being unable to use the elevators both stops you from progressing and retreading old ground.

The discussion may have been deleted now, but you can join in the chuckles over on NeoGaf if you're so inclined, as well as seeing a couple of screengrabs.

This isn't Croteam's first foray into trolling the pirates, but it's certainly a good one. If it's as good as Serious Sam's immortal, ever-pursuing scorpion... well, I'll leave that for you to decide.

And while you're deciding, you can legally acquire a copy of the Talos Principle on Steam by exchanging money for the product. Wahey!