The PC Gamer Christmas Gift Guide

In-game items

You might not be able to stick them in a stocking, but some of our most prized possessions this year only exist in the form of 1s and 0s. Few gamers will be downhearted by the gift of a snazzy digital hat or a helpful badger - and it saves on wrapping paper, too! You just try gift-wrapping a real badger. They don't like it.

DOTA 2: The Axecutioner Set

Let's face it: If the DOTA players on your gift list aren't playing Axe, you are well within your rights to tell them they are playing the game wrong. One way to hammer the point home would be to gift them with this stylish and very reasonably priced item set. It features an even better axe for Axe, making him 58% axier on average. And nothing really says it's the holidays like a string of severed human heads to hang on your hip. Am I right?

Dota 2 store: $5 / £3.19

Team Fortress 2: Big Elfin Deal

Yeah, so this was part of last year's holiday update. But ask yourself honestly: do the scouts in your life deserve better? The answer is probably no. So get them this ridiculous hat with elf ears and be secure that you have fulfilled your minimum friendship obligation for 2012.

Steam Store: $7.50 - £5

PlanetSide 2: NC Gausss Compact Burst

Firing in short bursts that are deadly at medium range, this little beauty is a great addition to the arsenal of any of your NC comrades looking for new and exciting ways to splatter blood across the wintry battlefields of Esamir this holiday season. Tested and approved by PC Gamer designated marksman rifle fan T.J. (If you have friends that aren't in the NC, they obviously should not be expecting gifts. Let them buy their own over-engineered pea shooters and stupid laser guns.)

You can't buy items for other people yet, and nor can you gift the in-game currency (though this is to come). But throw $5 / £4 their way, and they'll have enough to get this thing locked and loaded.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Mask of Nihilus

Yes, your TOR character can now sport the same facial accessory as Knights of the Old Republic 2's infamous villain, and possibly the scariest Sith Lord of all time: Darth Nihilus. The item is cosmetic, so it won't actually have any stats until you slot some mods into it. On the plus side, this will let you keep wearing it and upgrading the mods as new content comes out, so it will never become obsolete due to low stats.

Currently, it's a pretty rare drop from Crime Lord's Cartel Packs , which are about $4 each in Cartel Coins. But if you don't manage to get one, you can just send your friends the pack of Mountain Lizardbats you've accumulated. Because it's the thought that counts, right?

Item available in-game for $4 / £2.50. In-game currency available from the SWTOR store .

Guild Wars 2: Aviator Sunglasses

What's a polite way to tell a friend that their Guild Wars 2 character just isn't enough of a stylin' boss this winter? Buy them a pair of these bad boys. They'll keep the harshest rays Tyria can throw at you out of your eyes, and you'll be having to beat back admirers with a stick everywhere you go. It's like turning your avatar into a public quest called "I Bet You Can't Get With This." Awwwwww yeah!

Item available in-game for $2 / £1.60.


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