The PC Gamer Christmas Gift Guide


There is only one thing classier than a poster and that's the noise a Ferrero Rocher makes when being opened. I have it on good authority that it's actually made from a combination of sounds, including a wink from James Bond, a wave from the Queen, and the subtle connection of fist on fist when Barack fistbumps Michelle. But you're unlikely to experience those first-hand, so instead just whack these up and pretend you're classy.

BioShock: Infinite Lithograph

This is a limited edition print of some BioShock: Infinite concept art. "Limited" means in times of scarcity, like a recession or a nuclear apocalypse, it could be used as a barter item. You want clean pants and a tin of dog food? Hand over that poster, you grubby survivor.

Irrational Games shop: $25 / £16

Guild Wars 2 Wall Graphics

Sleep is for babies and those recovering from manly pursuits, such as punching mountains. Help your body out of the weakling habit by putting one of these Guild Wars 2 prints on the wall. They can be up to 7 feet in size, so your view would be dominated by a giant lion man-beast thing. Who could sleep in such conditions? Not I, friends. Not I.

Guild Wars 2 shop: $150 / £95

Meet the Pyro Lithograph

I DON'T KNOW WHAT A LITHOGRAPH IS. Why not buy this and then tell me what Valve sent you? In the meantime, I'll stick it here in the poster section and presume it's a large, printed representation of the Buzz Aldrin of Team Fortress 2 shorts. Second best!

Valve store: $9.99 / £6.50

Double Fine Adventure Lumberjack Print

Tim Schafer! Tim Schafer! Tim Schafer! Tim Schafer! Tim Schafer! Tim Schafer! Tim Schafer! Tim Schafer! Tim Schafer! Tim Schafer! Tim Schafer! Also, a poster of concept art from his Kickstarted Adventure game.

Double Fine shop: $30.00 / £19

eBoyPixel Art posters

For those that love gaming aesthetics but don't want to specify love for a particular game, there's eBoy's lovely work. The pixel artists at the art collective have rendered cities all over the world in their gorgeous, garish, blocky style.

eBoy shop: $30 / £15


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