The PC Gamer Christmas Gift Guide


Now, I sort of consider games to be toys, but when I was little I considered toys to be things you could hug. Obviously I can't hug my PC, because it doesn't have the specific hug ports installed, so instead I turn to games-inspired toys like those listed below. Or, in the drone's case, just a damn cool thing that would be amazing to own.

Guild Wars 2 Charr Plushie

"This is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 15." So says the description of this huggable Charr plushie. It's true: I gave it to someone who was 14 and eleven months and I'm still picking bits of spleen out of my beard.

Guild Wars 2 store: $34 / £29

WoW Deathwing Stormwind Assault Set

Mega Bloks! Every child's favourite plastic building set. And now with 100% more Deathwing Stormwind, from the World of Warcraft electronic computer game. I hear it's a bit like The Sims, but you play it with your BFFs.

Blizzard store: $85 / £66

Symbiote's Dragonborn

Fus-Ro-Dawwwww! Who'd have thought that a man brought up in the chilly wastes of Skyrim and wears a helmet of horns could be so huggable? This little cutie is a three-inch bundle of joy based on Skyrim's default Dragonborn. I'd write more, but I'm too caught up in the hug. Just go around me.

Symbiote Studios: $13 / £9

Inflatable Dota 2 Donkey

Breathing is only a secondary role for your lungs. Their primary use is to inflate things. Play pools, balloons, lifesize inflatable Taj Mahals. If you still have breath after that, why not inflate this inflatable Dota 2 donkey?

Think Geek: $40 / £25


Basically a manhack. But if you hit this hugely controllable quad-copter with a crowbar something something Half-Life 2. Hey, you try and write jokes for every entry, see how far you get.

Firebox: $110 - £70


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