The Franz Kafka Videogame is coming in April

As titles go, The Franz Kafka Videogame doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but that's what it's called. It's an undeniably odd name, although not as odd developer Denis Galanin's previous project, Hamlet or the Last Game Without MMORPG Features, Shaders, and Product Placement (yes, really), but it looks very promising. In 2015 it claimed the $5000 grand prize in Intel's Level Up contest, and more recently it was picked up by publisher Daedalic Entertainment, which announced earlier this month that it will be out on Steam on April 6.

The game will offer an estimated four hours of point-and-click adventuring and puzzle solving, telling the tale of a man named K who receives an offer of employment that changes his life. He embarks on a distant voyage, and discovers to his great surprise that the world beyond the one he knows is a far stranger place than he expected. 

There will be no inventory in the game, no "RPG features," and no boss battles: Just "original logic puzzles," a unique and beautiful visual style, and of course absurdity and surrealism. Pricing hasn't been announced yet [Update: Daedalic says it will list for $10], but you can dig into it a little deeper at

Andy Chalk

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