The Evil Within gets trap-happy with latest trailer

The Evil Within

The world is getting another Shinji Mikami horror game in just a few weeks' time, and I have every crossable limb entwined that it lives up to the great man's legacy. I know that Andy was impressed by The Evil Within, and that I won't be able to play it on PC, and thanks to a new trailer and blog post I now know how to survive it without being made into mincemeat.

The new trailer, below, shows how to survive when you run out of ammo: you can hide, sneak, or turn enemy traps against them. If you feel truly outmatched you can pass through a mirror to visit a place known as The Asylum, and upgrade your abilities with the aid of some sort of electro-shock machine. Even when it's being nice, The Evil Within is not very nice.

Bethesda have some more detailed survival tips here (plus bonus gifs), but we're so close to release now it seems a shame to gorge on details that are probably going to make the game feel less tense. The following, three-and-a-bit-minute video is more of a whistle-stop tour of some of The Evil Within's systems.

Tom Sykes

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