The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim character screenshots show every race

Skyrim - Argonian mage

People of Tamriel, rejoice! No longer must you endure the shame of looking like peeled onions, or Plasticine horrors after a savage beating with the ugliest of ugly sticks. Now, all of you, Breton, Khajit, Imperial or Wood Elf... actually, no, you guys are still out of luck... can look forward to stepping out in Skyrim looking like the hero you are, instead of Nondrick's rejected prom date. Huzzah!

Check out the full lineup and pick your future face from the lineup below, taken from the Bethsoft Blog. Scroll past the new headshots to see all of the character images Bethesda have released over the past few weeks collected together so you can see what each race looks like in situ. Click on each thumbnail to see the picture at maximum size.



Dark Elf

High Elf




Wood Elf