The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind teases Battlegrounds PvP mode and new Warden class

If Matthew Gilman's recent journey to The Elder Scrolls Online's reimagining of Morrowind had you excited, then you'll likely want to check out Bethesda and Zenimax Online's latest trailer exploring its Battleground PvP. 

In bouts of triple-threat 4v4v4, the latest footage offers a glimpse at the new mode as taken from the PAX East conference show floor earlier this month. Within, players can be seen executing new ice spells and lobbing one another into pits of lava at Red Mountain; while War Bears and the new Warden class can be seen duking it out with foes elsewhere. Observe: 

Not the most comprehensive of trailers by a long shot, however it's nice to see the modern makeover of a world now 15-years old coming along. 

Of the new Warden class, Matthew said: 

"The Warden fills out a slot much sought-after in ESO’s preexisting range of classes, offering a druidic array of skill sets. You can opt to plough points into three new skill paths as you progress. Choose Green Balance skills and you’ll earn a bunch of healing abilities, from actively aimed frontal cone bursts of heal-over-time buffs to a full area-of-effect ultimate skill that causes ethereal blue flora to burst from the ground around you and your allies. 

"Over in the Winter’s Embrace skill tree are the class’s tankier moves, letting you summon icy armour and control the battlefield with snares that whip enemies around. The showstopper is the Animal Companion skill set. Here you’ll find abilities that summon an array of spirit-form pets to deal out DPS. Most, like the infamous Cliff Racers, themed around Morrowind itself. 

"Your ultimate ability on this path summons a permanent bear to tank damage for you. In the development build I was shown there were no pet control commands, but I’m told these are being worked on for the final game."

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind will launch globally for PC on June 6, 2017.