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The Crew 2: six tips you should know before you play

The Crew 2 is out now, and while we had mixed feelings on Ivory Tower's new racing game (opens in new tab) and its efforts to broaden beyond cars, our friends at GamesRadar have put together a tips video on how to make a decent start with the game. Watch the video above for advice on how to break out early and make some lucrative rewards—even if you've come last in a race. You just need some friends to help you do it.

You'll also learn more about customisation, how higher difficulty settings can get you better spoils and more. While it's no Forza Horizon 3 (opens in new tab), The Crew 2 offers some pretty nice views of a weird America (opens in new tab), and if you're gonna pick it up anyway, this guide will hopefully help you along the way. 

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