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The 2018 Call of Duty instalment will be Black Ops IV, according to rumors

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No one is surprised that a new Call of Duty will release this year, but the annual tradition of the finer details being leaked hasn't been lost in 2018. This year's rumor suggests that Treyarch is making Black Ops IV, which follows 2015's Black Ops III. But here's the thing: the title will apparently be written as "Black Ops IIII", because Activision does not give a single functional crap about how Roman numerals work.

The news comes via Kotaku, who has reportedly confirmed the rumors. These originated from footage of famous basketball player James Harden wearing the game's logo. Some pointed out that it shared a striking resemblance to the Black Ops 3 logo, only, with an extra "I". 

Here's the relevant video:

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So it looks like Call of Duty won't follow up its immensely successful historical shooter with yet another: a brave (though given development pipelines, perhaps unavoidable) move. In the meantime, it looks like EA and DICE will follow 2016's Battlefield 1 with... Battlefield V. Because screw numbers, right? Put 'em wherever you want, in whichever order you want, formatted however you wish. It just doesn't matter anymore.

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