Take your game to the next level with the Pro Gaming mouse

If you take your gaming seriously then you'll know the importance of having the best, most powerful rig that you can muster. You need that vital combination of a fast CPU and hefty GPU to deliver all the graphical punches without stuttering, a big monitor with low latency so that you can see all the details without losing any time to lag, and of course a decent sound system so that you won't miss a single audio cue in the heat of battle.

Then of course there's the matter of your mouse. When it comes to MOBAs and FPS games, your mouse is an absolutely crucial part of your setup, and you owe it to yourself – not to mention your teammates – to kit yourself out with one that delivers on performance and won't let you down when it matters. And if you want the best, you need the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse: a mouse built for high-performance gaming that's packed with features to help you up your game and play better than ever before.

Click performance is enhanced by the Pro Gaming Mouse’s design. The left and right mouse buttons feature an advanced tensioning system, delivering rapid click feedback and reducing the pre-travel distance between buttons and switches. Bottom line: you get fast, accurate and more reliable click performance, with the added benefit of a reduced click force that enables you to play longer without experiencing gaming fatigue.

The advantages of the Pro Gaming Mouse over a standard mouse don't end there, either. It packs the PMW3366 optical sensor, widely held to be the best gaming mouse sensor you can get. With zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration across the entire DPI range it delivers incredible accuracy and responsiveness regardless of speed, and the Pro Gaming Mouse drives it even harder with Logitech Gaming Software's surface tuning, which tunes the sensor to your playing surface for even greater accuracy and speed, resulting in pixel-precise performance no matter where you’re playing.

It's built for performance, but the Pro Gaming Mouse doesn't compromise on comfort. It's been designed to be as light as possible without losing stability. Its lightweight but robust construction means that it's comfortable to use for extended periods of time, and delivers quicker response to motion, meaning that you really can play better and for longer with it in your gaming arsenal. 

The Pro Gaming Mouse is fully customizable to fit your playing style with 6 programmable buttons that you can use for standard commands or even set to deliver custom macros, enabling you to unleash devastating special moves with a single click.

The final icing on the cake is the Pro Gaming Mouse's programmable RGB lighting, with lighting zones that you can set to any color you want, and even synchronize effects and lighting patterns with other Logitech G devices. It might not improve your game, but it'll make you look good. 

Little wonder, then, that this is the mouse trusted by the best eSports gamers in the world. If winning matters to you then you absolutely need the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse. You can order right now for just $69.99 with shipping included. Get on the case and watch your stats soar!

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