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Take On Mars lands on Steam Early Access

Taaaaaaake oooooon Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars (Take On Mars)

Bohemia Interactive didn't hang about with their vehicular simming series. First helicopters , now Mars. That's quite an escalation. If the scientific exploration of an entire planet is ambitious, they're at least co-opting help from the community. The game has just appeared on Steam Early Access , giving you the chance to jump into an alpha build of the game.

"Just as with any space exploration mission, the initial launch of TKOM is the start of a journey," write Bohemia, wisely not mentioning that it can also be the end . "By making the game available as an Early Access title, we hope to receive feedback and suggestions from players, and work together to create the most dynamic exploration sim game - driven by everyone's passion for exploration and interest in extra-terrestrial bodies, such as Mars."

Despite the early state of the game, it still promises a set of missions, detailed terrain, research progression, and a scenario editor. Trailer below:

Wait, er...

A-ha! That's the one.

Phil Savage
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