Take a closer look at Cities: Skylines' Parklife expansion

After announcing its latest slice of DLC, Parklife, earlier in the month, Colossal Order have given us a slightly closer look at Cities: Skylines’ upcoming expansion in a new trailer. Look above to cram it into your eyes. 

The last expansion, Green Cities, stole countless hours from me as I tried to fashion the perfect, pollution-free utopia, but I always felt it could be a little greener. And soon it will be. The biggest hook in Parklife is that parks are no longer single structures that you plonk down. They’re districts rather than buildings, so they’re modular and customisable. 

What was once just an empty bit of green space can be painted over with the district tool, turning it into an official park that you can tailor to your citizens needs. You’ll be able to make zoos, amusement parks, public spaces in the middle of a city and sprawling national parks. And just like other districts, there are policies to set, along with unique features like guided tours and firework displays. 

Given the diligence of the modding community, I suspect we’ll soon see a lot of Jurassic Park knock-offs in our future. A dino park right in the heart of a city? Sounds safe to me. 

Parklife is due out on May 24, with a 10% Steam discount until then. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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