Cities: Skylines gets greener with next month's Parklife expansion

Cities: Skylines' next expansion is called Parklife, and is due next month. 

Stick on some classic Blur in the background, and we'll sing through this news post. It's almost the weekend, let's let our hair down: 

Cities: Skylines is a preference for the habitual city-builder who's next expansion is known as...


It adds zoos and coasters and campsites and flowerbeds into what is known as… 


There’s a new park area tool, five new maps, new assets and level-up features that increase your park’s property values… 


Placing buildings next to paths in park districts, and turning building recesses green will make you wanna get some exercise.

All the people
So many people
And they all go hand-in-hand
Hand-in-hand through their Parklife

Okay, so that was possibly funnier in my head than it was in practice—but once I commit to a joke, I make a point of seeing it through. Particularly when singing is involved.  

Anyway, here's Parklife's announcement trailer:

With that, Paradox and Colossal Order explain that the aforementioned park area tool lets players create park districts wherever they have empty land. Across five new maps, players can employ a new sightseeing bus line, new service buildings and new attractions—not least amusement parks, nature reserves, city parks and zoos. 

Another highlight is that, for the first time, buildings can be placed next to paths in park districts—while three new city policies and eight new park policies mean recreational hazards such as 'Fireworks' and 'Animal Ethics' must be considered. More on all of that, and the latest complimentary main game update, can be read here

Cities: Skylines' Parklife is due on May 24, 2018. It costs £10.25/$13.49, with a limited-time ten percent Steam discount.   

Know what I mean?