SWTOR's alignment system will offer exclusive loot for neutral players

The Old Republic - Dark Side Vendor

I love the idea of Star Wars: The Old Republic's alignment system. It was one of the reasons I rolled a bounty hunter: I wanted to play as a deadly assassin with a moral compass; a Robin Hood figure in a galaxy far, far away.

But then someone directed me towards the exclusive loot vendors for extreme light side/dark side players. Neutrality was no longer an option. Since then, I've given a pensioner with her husband's head in a bag, killed innocent women, and shot pleading Ugnaughts. I'm Dark Side III, and I have the Interrogation Droid to prove it.

But maybe I should've stuck with my original plan. Bioware has confirmed that TOR will eventually provide bonuses for neutral players as well as extremely evil/nice ones.

"We have a system for people who want to stay more in the middle. But that's something coming up in a later release," he continued.

"It'll let you play a "Gray Jedi". Basically you don't need to go to the extreme to get rewarded. You can have a different playstyle. We like to call it the “Gray Jedi” playstyle. That's coming in a future piece of content."

It even makes sense within the lore . James says that Bioware never intended to restrict player's options with the exclusive items.

"We don't want to force people. We were careful about the rewards for Light Side and Dark Side as well. We don't want to make them too impactful on the endgame because it would mean players wouldn't be allowed to join an Operation unless they were absolutely Light Side and or Dark Side. However, once we get to the next stage of our light side/dark side system, you'll see the rewards. Light Side, Dark Side and the grey items will all get more powerful."

We'll have more on The Old Republic's upcoming update soon. As for Bopo Bop - Grand Champion of the Great Hunt? He's past the point of no return.