Super Lesbian Animal RPG is a big hit with the target audience

Today in niche games, the recent release  of Super Lesbian Animal RPG seems to have greatly pleased people who enjoy the idea of a game called Super Lesbian Animal RPG. It's a classic-inspired turn-based RPG about a crew of anthropomorphic animals who're variously in love with each other fighting weird monsters in a dungeon to save the world and/or overcome their own anxieties. 

Fans call it SLARPG, and they like it a lot. A whole lot, apparently, as 98% of its 191 Steam user reviews are positive as of press time. Which is exceptionally good, to be honest, and I say this as someone who spends a significant amount of work time seeing how well-received recently released Steam games with a few hundred reviews are.

They're not just fluff reviews, either. Lots of them express heartfelt gratitude and enjoyment or admiration toward the game or its gameplay. "The title initially made me suspect that this might be an "ironic" game, so I was rather pleased to find that no, it's played completely straight (no pun intended)," said one review.

The story of SLARPG follows Melody, who has become a healer to support her girlfriend/bestfriend Allison's dream of being an adventurer. There's also their buddy Jodie, who's some kind of knight. The game chronicles them going on adventures and generally causing absolute chaos and/or danger to people around them.  

I particularly like the sound of the wizard named Claire who as far as the community's concerned is constantly "about to cause untold amounts of mischief (dooming the planet)". This is the kind of energy I would like to manifest this year.

"They'll also fight some spherical frogs, travel to a forgotten land in the sky, befriend a robot or two, and piss off the local librarian. But that should go without saying," says the official description. "You can make them kiss," it adds, as a special bullet point below.

You can find Super Lesbian Animal RPG on and on Steam for $15. You can also find it on its website,

I guess the summary of this whole thing is: The Queer Furries seem just as happy as ever, whether or not anyone else is paying attention. May all niche communities be so blessed.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.