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Stellaris smashes every Paradox day-one record

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Sprawling 4X-grand strategy mash-up Stellaris (opens in new tab) released yesterday and promptly broke every day-one record at Paradox. It smashed through the 200,000 sales barrier, not just shifting copies but getting people online and keeping them there: 68,000 players set out for galactic domination as one.

Once the domain of hardcore enthusiasts, Paradox games have escaped the niche thanks to unrivalled emergent storytelling (opens in new tab) and – for Stellaris in particular – spectacular UI design that compresses mind-bending stats and figures into something new players can understand.

Paradox has nailed the 4X with Stellaris, and though I share Phil's reservations (opens in new tab) about the mid- and late-game, the bigger Paradox's budgets get the better for us all.