Starward Rogue released; Bionic Dues currently free

Starward Rogue

Arcen Games, of Skyward Collapse and A.I. War and The Last Federation and *deep breath* A Valley Without Wind and lots of other games fame, has released its latest. Its latest is named Starward Rogue, and it's a roguelike featuring bullet hell elements. Bullet hellements, if you will. It's set in a "roguelite labyrinth lodged in the side of a star", and one of the characters is a plonker called Rodney, so it's relevant to at least two of my interests. Starward Rogue is currently 20% off on the various stores (here are its Steam and Humble pages), and there's a trailer to help you figure out whether it's for you:

Don't go just yet though, as to celebrate the occasion, Arcen has temporarily made one of its games available for free. Its tactical mech-'em-up Bionic Dues is free on Humble for the next seven or so hours (until 6pm GMT), so get clicking if you fancy giving that a play. I've stuffed the trailer below.

Tom Sykes

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