Starcraft 2 match fixers arrested, banned for life

StarCraft 2 lighter

Twelve individuals have been implicated in the scandal, including pro players YoDa and BBoongBBong, and team Prime head coach Gerrard. The Korean e-sports Association has stated that Gerrard and YoDa are banned for life, with a promise to pursue further "strong legal measures". Also among those facing charges are two financial backers, described as 'gangsters' with ties to organized crime.

An investigation from the Changwon Regional Prosecutor's office in South Korea revealed that five professional matches had been fixed, all of which took place between January and June this year. The full details can be found at Team Liquid.

Gerrard, the coach of team Prime, has been charged with acting as a middleman between the players and the brokers. Through Gerrad, BBoongBBoong was allegedly paid $4,450 USD by an unnamed broker to lose a proleague match, while YoDa is accused of receiving approximately $30,000 for intentionally losing two matches. He was then allegedly blackmailed into losing a further two matches. Gerrard received approximately $8,900 to have YoDa lose one of his matches.

Earlier in the year, e-sports site Fomos revealed that Gerrard was in financial trouble, apparently having to appeal to friends and family for money.

This isn't the first time the Starcraft pro scene has been plagued by match fixing, with Won 'Justin' Jong Seo fined $2700 and sentenced to 120 hours community service, plus three years probation on an 18-month prison sentence.

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