StarCraft 2 fan creates Protoss build order program

Starcraft 2 protoss

Recently a programmer called Lomilar created EvolutionChamber , a computer program designed to come up with optimal build orders for the Zerg race in StarCraft 2. One of the first strategies the program produced was a deadly seven Roach rush that had players on the Starcraft 2 forums scrambling to invent a counter. Now a different AI coder has taken Lomilar's program, and rewritten it to work for the Protoss race.

There's plenty of technical discussion about how the program works over at Team Liquid , but in short it uses the same evolutionary approach as EvolutionChamber. You enter a desired outcome, say, five Immortals within a certain time limit, and the program wills tart testing the efficiency of build orders against each other, and then mutating them to create new ones. Over a series of thousands of simulated games, the program selects the most efficient one. It's incredibly easy to use, and saves hundreds of hours of human trial and error. To try it for yourself, download the program here . It's surely only a matter of time before someone writes a similar program for the Terran race.

Tom Senior

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