Star Citizen raises $30 million, increases funding for Squadron 42 single-player campaign

The danger with writing about Star Citizen's financial achievements is that, currently, it's approaching a full time job. No sooner than you've thought of a pithy opening to lead the news that they've raised yet another million dollars, you find that they've raised yet another yet another million. The total is fast approaching the $31 million mark, but rather than wait the five minutes for that to happen, I want to go back and look at the $29 million milestone. It unlocked enhanced funding for the game's single-player campaign - Squadron 42 - which the developers are touting as a spiritual successor to Wing Commander.

Of the additional resources the achieved $29 million stretch goal unlocks, Chris Roberts writes , "the team at Foundry 42 has big plans for Squadron 42, and we're going to provide extra funding to make it a true spiritual successor to Wing Commander! Squadron 42 can go above and beyond anything you've seen before. From opening with an epic battle instead of a training patrol to missions that seamlessly combine boarding and space combat, we aim to put you right into the action! Additional funding will let the team realize this, with enhanced mission design and more resources and animations to enhance fidelity."

Just days later, $30 million secured the Origin 890 JUMP ship, which you can read about here .

I remain wary about Star Citizen's ultimate outcome, and whether Cloud Imperium can deliver a game worthy of the significant amount of money that its fans have already pledged. Despite that, I've been impressed by the sensible selection of stretch goals the team have selected. It's an undeniably ambitious and inherently risky project, but providing more money to an existing feature seems like a better use of extra cash than further padding the already huge project with more features.

Recently Chris Roberts reaffirmed Star Citizen's PC credentials , saying a bunch of things designed to make PC gamers feel good about the prospect of deep, expansive space exploration.

Phil Savage

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